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Photography has neatly - and unpredictably - combined two of my great passions: art & history. As I set out each day, to work or wherever, my camera slung over my shoulder 'just in case,' I'm aware that what I choose to do with it might, however unlikely, someday come to represent our times. Think about the photos that, for us now in the early 21st century, have come to represent past times: iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe or James Dean = 1950s America. A stoic, steel-eyed Abraham Lincoln = mid-19th century America. Several US Marines raising a US flag following a bloody battle = WWII, & so forth.
Of course the ability to take a decent photo has in recent times been utterly democratized & so it can be easy to overlook a good landscape composition or essence-capturing portrait. Yes, taking pictures is fun. But, I want something more. I want future generations, when they're sifting through our ephemera, to come across difficult, perhaps ugly, complex documentations of what it meant to live in our time. It's not just the current pop star or president, & it's certainly not the umpteen millionth picture of a skinny waif posing for some jeans ad. When I look at a photo I want to wonder why the photographer decided to take a picture of that particular person, place, or thing, & in that particular way. I hope to infuse my own work with some small amount of mystery.

  • Trying to capture meaning using only my eyepiece. Well, occasionally Live view also...

  • Still searching for my own 'voice' but getting there.

  • Sometimes I enjoy scoring more than anything else. & foley!

  • What good is an artist without attitude?


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